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Learn complete Online Python programming For Beginners with basics, data science certification training, data visualisation, desktop graphical applications and python for web.In this course will give you in-depth understanding about coding in python. You'll learn how to code and solve real-life problems

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This Course Includes


✔ Introduction to Progamming

✔ Python Programming

✔ Logical Building

✔ Functions of Python

✔ How to Develop your Application and Software

✔ Using of if in python

What will you learn


✔ Concept of Python

✔ Coding with Python to solve real-life problems

✔ Creating your own Software

✔ Formulas of Python

✔ Operators in Python

✔ If using Python

Course Syllabus


✔ Introduction to Python Part A

✔ Introduction to Python Part B

✔ Python IDLE Setup

✔ Hello World Program

✔ Arithmetic Operations with Python

✔ Variables in Python

✔ Formulas with Python

✔ Operators in Python

✔ If using Python

✔ If-else using Python

✔ Nested if- else in Python

✔ Strings with Python

✔ Data Types in Python


✔ String Slicing

✔ Typecasting with Python

✔ For Loop in Python

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✔ Anybody Who wants to learn python without any prior programming Knowledge

✔ Suitable for Beginner

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About Trainer


Ashish Jangra is an experienced AI Trainer. training students in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and the Internet of Things. Training them with Cutting-Edge Industrial Projects from scratch. also guiding them to work on their own ideas. Believe in learning by doing. Has trained over 5000+ students on different technologies across India.

Ashish Jangra

Course Price Rs. 1250/- Save Rs. 951/-

Buy Now (Rs. 299/-)